Energy bill dispute

Gas, electricity or telecom bill too high?

We perform a detailed audit on historic contracts and amounts already paid on utility bills with the aim to identify any errors. We then liaise with the energy supplier and arrange for you to be refunded directly with any overpayments.

Since 2001, 001 have helped hundreds of companies identify why they have been overcharged with their electricity bill or find out why their gas bill is so high, and have successfully returned to our customers thousands of pounds.

High utility bills

The 001 duplicate payments review will check your accounts payable transactions to ensure that no duplicate payment errors have been made and to ensure that credits have been recovered where they are due.

Our cash recoveries derive from three main areas:

  • Recover duplicate payments where a supplier has been paid more than once for the same transaction.
  • We reconcile supplier statements to identify potential recoveries
  • Our experienced auditors review transactions to identify missed input VAT opportunities relating to taxable supplies

It’s that simple and we only get paid if we make a recovery for you

“We identified significant amounts that are due to the charity…we have to thank 001 for their efforts and also express how impressed we are with the professionalism and dedication shown by all the 001 team”. – Barnardo’s

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